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    One of Those Girls: The Story of Why I Made a Visionboard

    January 15, 2017

    A friend of mine once asked her social media hive for ideas on how to get organized for the future. "Except a vision board. Anything but that." 


    The junk science behind "the law of attraction" used to repel me too. Most of the vision boards I've seen remind me of the posters we had to bring to dance class to introduce ourselves to the other high school girls: closely cut pictures of skinny women or cars, random words put together like less artfully than a ransom note, and (because I was in Texas) names written with dots on each corner of a letter. However, most of the people with those vision boards could point to the peeling magazine clippings and say to me, “I accomplished that. Without even trying.” So I thought, why not?


    In my defense, I already enjoy collaging and had a heap of stuff to decorate my vision board. I decided to make one that was my own and something that didn’t look like a vision board. In fact, it's more of a "who I want to be" rather than "what I need to do." 


    UPDATE: As of March, I have already accomplished three of the things from my vision board.



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